The place to discover all the things you

"Should Learn In School"

I'm continually frustrated by how much of the things that have helped me reach success in my careers and enjoy a high quality of life were not learned in school, but via mentors, conversations, research, readings

and life experiences.


My desire is to pass down this knowledge in an efficient
and condensed time frame so that others can

significantly impact their quality of life and
create fulfilling legacies of their own.













To share knowledge in the realms of health,

finance, career & life design, communication,

habit development, entrepreneurship,

relationship and mental health.

Life Course





Three fellow teachers will join me along with a few of my financial mentors. I have included others to co-create and co-teach this course in areas where I feel they exceed my expertise. The course will include "field learning" in the area of real estate investment.



All meals are included in all courses.

Lodging only provided for the student course.






Student Course

June 24-27

D6 Retreat Center (Austin, TX)






Adult Course

July 19-22

TBD (Austin, TX)






(Not all topics listed)






- Micronutrients and their effects on the body.

- Fasting and it's role in health/athletics.

- Gut biome, biology & how your DNA effects how you react to certain foods.

- How to make healthy food taste good.

- Meal prep tricks as a student or busy professional.

- Snack cheat codes.

- Brain disease prevention.

- My special tips for green shake deliciousness.

- How your eating impacts the planet.

- The secret languages of the grocery store.

- Local vs. Organic.

- Food and its relationship to disease.

- Supplements: why/when I do and don't take them.

- Dairy & Gluten: The history behind them that matters.

- Detoxing foods & spices.

- Food combinations that unlock certain nutrient combos.

When and where of Superfoods.

- Role fermented foods play.

- Kombucha making lessons.



- The most important things for staying physically healthy.

- How to workout without equipment or a gym.

- Maintaining athleticism after a playing career.

- World class (Pro athlete) regeneration techniques.

- Pros and cons of High Interval Training.

- How often should we lift weights.

-When to train barefoot and when not.

- Transverse Abdominis and the important role it plays.

- What to do when you have access to a gym.

- Assessment of your running form.

- What balance work to include in your life/workouts.

- What is yoga and stretching's place in fitness.

- Yoga and breathing effects on the body.

- A band resistance routine that should start every workout.

- Protecting your shoulders and knees from injuries.

- Self massage techniques.

- Active release techniques.

- How to give better massages.

- Common workouts that actually injure your vertebrae.

- Temperature and its effects on health.






- Understanding your previous, current and future relationship to money.

- How you think about money.

- What is money.

- Your life and financial WHY.

- Retirement rethought (And how it can be sooner).

- Active vs. passive income.

- Types of passive income and routes to attaining it.

- Strategies used to only invest with a 14% ROI or higher.

- Understanding why and how you spend.

- Spending vs. earning.

- Budgeting.

- How/what to automate spending.

- How to analyze value in spending.

- Power of experiencing poverty exercise.

- Creating financial accountability.

- Understanding how investments work.

- What investments are right for you.

- How to analyze deals.

-Real estate investments (how to find the people you need).

- My cardinal rules for real estate investments.

- How cash flow matters.

- Why I don't bet on appreciation.

- The consequences of one bad deal.

- How to find the right realtor/what questions to ask.

- The power of borrowing.

- A real estate strategy perfect for millennials.

- Leveraging.

- Dealing with your current debt.

- Avoiding future debt.

- Understanding the power of cash flow.

- How debt to equity/income levels affect your financial journey.

- How to maximize the use of credit cards.

- Practice sessions for finding/assessing investments.

- Asymmetrical risk reward.

- How the wealthy use tax advantages.

- Investing in the stock market (compound interest, etc.)

- Retirement investment options.

- Having an ethical awareness of the stock market.

-  How to negotiate more valuable resources than money.

- Life hacks to maximize quality of life without spending maximum dollars.

-Nightly financial games.

- Additional topics.





Career & Life Design


- A negotiating strategy I use that I've never seen taught.

- Leveraging jobs & opportunities for synergy.

- Entrepreneurship unpacked.

- Role building a business can play in life design.

- Pros vs. cons of a business in a global economy.

- How Geo-arbitrage can be leveraged in 2019.

- Learning your maximum re-energizing methods.

- Side hustles vs. main hustles.

- Finding & Pairing vocations.

- Questions I ask successful people.

- Tackling insurmountable tasks.

- Creating leverage for your business/brand.

- Which opportunities to take and pass on.

- How to approach work/life balance.

-Dealing with emotions in and out of the school/work environment.

- Generous communication.

- Controlling where you bring your attention.

- Role gratitude plays in your life, business or brand.

- Finding and utilizing mentors.

- How to take projects from idea to vision to reality.

- Secret to lighting people up.

- Adding positives vs. removing negatives.

- Understanding motivation & self-motivation.

- How "different" matters.

- Different decisions you can make daily.

- Giving and receiving: when to accept and give help, and how to ask.

- Goals & habits: when I do and don't set goals.

- Overall thoughts on career development.

- My Yearly Review.